We don’t really have schedules in our family. We have routines, sure, lots – but schedules don’t usually stick. I’ve learned to roll with it, sometimes a little better than others. My husband and our daughter both have a difficult time with sleep. Well, okay, so do I, but not in the same ways. It comes when it comes, and often not during the usual sleeping hours. In both Geoff’s and Bella’s cases, this is not stubbornness, but part of the physical conditions they both live with.

 For Bella, ADHD can make it hard to sleep. During the school year, we can keep a fairly even keel,  it during the summer, I give her a little more space. She doesn’t have to be anywhere at anytime, so I let it slide.

For Geoff, the Lyme/ ME/ MS combo is so unpredictable and traumatizing that we never know what to expect or when. It’s frustrating for all of us, but nothing effects it – not schedules, not routines, not medications. Usually, he’s nocturnal. 

Of course, the dog and I aren’t. At least, not anymore. While I’m not a morning person, I am up and ready for coffee securely in the AM, hours before the rest of my family.

We’ve worked out how to let each other sleep or wake without disturbing others. But sometimes, there are wrinkles. Last night / this morning is one of them. I slept in the downstairs back room last night because the air conditioner upstairs froze. I came out this morning, and Geoff is sound asleep in the recliner and Bella is passed out on the floor of the dining room. Our house is small, so it’s pretty much impossible to do anything without waking them up. So, Cerby and I are outside on the front steps getting some sun before it gets too hot to be outdoors. All those chores can wait, after all.

I know for many people, our fly by night “routines” are maddening, but for us – we roll with it and enjoy what we have.

You have to pick your issues. And when and where everyone sleeps and wakes is not actually all that important, compared to other things. And they are pretty adorable right now, sound asleep where they are.