Tube Rolling

Mermaids Singing

English: 6N3P vacuum tube

No, I’m not referring to climbing inside the middle of an old tire and rolling downhill. Sorry to disappoint you all.

This discourse reviews the old fashioned, time honored, highly skilled art of finding exactly the right vacuum tube to place in your excellent analog stereo components to either power them or make them sound better than even live musicians usually do. It requires patience, a finely tuned sense of sound, an appreciation for the beauty and history of an analog (read: no iPods) system, and the ability to bid on ebay or audiogon at the perfect moment on tubes stashed all over the world. It also finds you listening to the same part of the same song about fifty times so that you can compare the differences when something in the system changes. And there are profound differences, believe me. (We’re checking out changes now so, the current selection is  “New…

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