Miso Ramen, aka Cooking Redemption


All the recipes I used are found on Just One Cookbook. Nami has one of the best cooking websites I’ve ever read; she makes fantastic videos to go with the recipes, too.

Last summer, my husband and I spent a long (unplanned) time in New York City. For two months, like a record with a skip, we tried to leave and were compelled to stay. It was —- something.

There were, however, a few really cool side benefits, one of which was an Honest to God ramen shop a half block from us. Geoff and I became *hooked* on ramen. (For something like an explanation of how ramen can soothe the soul, I recommend “The Ramen Girl,” a sweet movie with Brittany Murphy.) Since we’ve returned home, we have missed the ramen.

So…. This weekend, I made Miso Ramen. I was nervous returning to the kitchen after the egg curry episode. I wasn’t proud of that dish, and I was concerned that I had lost my cooking mojo.

I feel much better now.

miso ramen

miso ramen with chashu, ajitsuke tamago, and pickled ginger

I was careful to follow Nami’s excellent instructions for making ajitsuke tamago, or ramen egg. These are the soft-boiled eggs which are then marinaded and used as a topping on the ramen. I made these the day before and they came out beautifully.

ajitsuke tamago

ajitsuke tamago, or ramen egg

Our local stores don’t carry pork belly, so I used pork loin to make the Chashu. Aside from nearly setting the house on fire when I added the pork to the heated oil in the pan, it too came out succulent and tender. (I supposed I accomplished the “searing” step after all LOL)



It can be tricky finding ramen noodles to use. You can use the noodles from the instant packets (just toss the flavoring packs). I found some noodles by Kame yesterday and used those. They were very good.

Overall, these recipes were fun and enjoyable – during the cooking and the eating. Now, we can have wonderful ramen at home!

last note:

I received no promotional stuff; all opinions are my own 🙂


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