Egg Curry with The Book Club Cook Book Cooking Crew #thebookclubcookbookCC

One of my friends from high school is an adventurous cook (see this post where I mention her). Camilla is a delightful source of encouragement and ideas in the kitchen and when she asked who would enjoy participating in a year long cooking project, I immediately jumped at the chance. Here’s the link: How To Participate — Everyone is Welcome.

This month is the first round of recipes. Using The Book Club Cook Book, each host selects a book and recipe for that month. Each of us then creates something in our kitchen either using the recipe listed in the cook book or another inspired by it or the novel on which it is based. The book this month is Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. The recipes are egg curry and mango lassi.

In the final story of the collection, our narrator makes this dish for his bride after she travels from India to Cambridge, MA. Realizing the enormous leap of faith she makes coming so far from home to a man she has only met briefly, he makes for her the only dish he knows to try to give her comfort. Personally, this story (“The Final Continent”) is my favorite in the book.

I began to research “egg curry” online and learned that there is no one recipe for it. In fact, it varies from household to household. It is however considered to be both a resourceful empty-pantry dish and a true comfort food. The recipe I chose to use includes a significant amount of grated ginger and potatoes. As ginger is one of my favorite flavors and the Irish in me can’t imagine a comfort food without potatoes (unless it’s beer. or pad thai. or a burger. or—), I decided to use the website recipe in stead of the cook book recipe.

I hard-boiled eggs ahead of time, and sliced up several potatoes. I liked the idea of adding potatoes to the dish to give it a little more substance. Eggs are delicious, but they can leave me wanting when they aren’t coupled with something else. Maybe the Irish in me just can’t imagine a comfort food without potatoes… Either way, the added potatoes and ginger are why I used the recipe from the website.

Both the eggs and the potatoes are initially prepped and flavored separately. After preparing them separately with a combination of boiling and / or frying, and after separately grating ginger and a tomato (!!!), eventually everything gets added together and cooked all they way through.

egg curry final step


There were a lot of steps involved for a dish which is supposed to be quick and simple. I don’t mind recipes that demand attention and detail, but I did hope for more flavor and variety of texture after having done all that work. The recipe in the cookbook did not have nearly as many steps — I should have stuck with that one.

egg curry

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And to kick-off the event, Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla, this month’s host, is giving away a copy of the book.* Enter to win a copy of the cookbook so you can join us in future months, if you wish!

One of our lucky readers – US and Canada only! – can enter to win a copy ofThe Book Club Cookbook, Revised Edition: Recipes and Food for Thought from Your Book Club’s Favorite Books and Authorsby Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp, courtesy ofTarcher-Penguin.Giveaway runs from July 1st till July 31st at 6 o’clock PM, Pacific time. Please see terms and conditions in the rafflecopter widget below. Many thanks to Tarcher Books. You may find Tarcher: on the web, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Pinterest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclosure: Camilla received a complimentary copy ofThe Book Club Cookbook, Revised Edition: Recipes and Food for Thought from Your Book Club’s Favorite Books and Authors by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp to use in this year-long project plus the opportunity to give a copy away. Opinions are our own. We received no further compensation for our posts.


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