hurry up and wait

I thought we’d get word on which course of therapy we’d be trying today; instead, we just learned more logistical challenges. We did get confirmation that we will be “aggressively” treating whatever this is. And, we did get confirmation of which doctor will be leading the charge (a choice we fully support). But we also learned that due to a few circumstances, we will only be in NYC for up to another two weeks.

Now, on the one hand, I’m very happy to hear that within two weeks we will be back home in Maine; one the other hand, even the doctors in Maine acknowledge that they are not equipped to handle a case like my husband’s. There are doctors in the Jacksonville area, near where my in-laws live, who are properly trained and skilled, but first, we need to get to Jacksonville.

For that to happen, we have to close up our home — i.e. get it ready to sell — and pull our kid out of school and move in with my in-laws. And set up treatment in Florida.

No one – in NYC at least – pretends that we aren’t playing for keeps. We don’t have the luxury of time or preferences. It’s time to just make it happen.


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