Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Tomorrow, we see Geoff’s neurologist. Later in the afternoon, we meet with his primary doctor. We will get more test results, and this may finally provide a diagnosis for the changes that have been happening to him. He’s had Chronic Lyme Disease for decades, so at first we thought the numbness and tingling in his legs and the vision changes, cognitive changes – we thought these were just part of the regular ebb and flow of Chronic Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But now it looks like MS has come to play, too. Not only is MS highly variable between people, but no one knows what MS and Lyme together will do. There’s still a chance that MS won’t be confirmed, but it that happens, we’ll fall into the category of “unknown neurological issue” – and likely proceed with MS-related therapies anyway. We’ve done all the tests that can be done and it’s time to begin trying treatments.

So, I’m both excited and scared for tomorrow. Excited because we might finally get some news that we can use to make decisions. Scared, obviously, because it’s not only possible but quite likely that the news will be bad. After two months in a strange city in someone else’s apartment, though, we really need to get some information we can use to make plans for our future, whatever it may be.


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